I went for my wisdom teeth removal on sept 1 2021, Lori I was really nervous about feeling the shots so I got laughing gas given to me and at first I didn’t feel it but then I started to feel very calm and my body went numb in a good way don’t want to scare anyone then I got numbing gel and when doctor Claiborne gave me the shots in my mouth I didn’t even feel it they just felt like pinches but it didn’t hurt it was was more uncomfortable but I zoned out when they were putting the shots in and done back in all I felt was pressure no pain I was done with my procedure within 30 mins I’d say or less I have the most awesome experience don’t be afraid I was sooo afraid cause of what I read online but dr. Claiborne And Lori are the best I even got medicine afterwards for my teeth and a certificate and a little bag telling me about after care and it had extra gauze in it :))))

- Cheyanne J

5 out of 5 stars on